April - June: We prefer female animals being hunted during these months.

July - Sept: We prefer male animals being hunted due to the females being pregnant.

We are open for hunting throughout the year.

Payment options are Cash, Card or EFT.

If you want a VAT Receipt, 15% VAT will be added.

Please note we do not accept any cheques as payment.

No carcass / hunting rifle will be removed from the farm if the full balance of the account is not paid in full on the day of departure.


Free of charge:
- Cold Room
- Freezer Room
- Ice Machine

Skinning: Free (Tip box available at skinning area)

Skinning of trophy: R400 per animal

Hunters are advised to put tips in a tip box rather than giving it to one skinner only. It will be divided accordingly.

Weighing of eland: Eland will be weighed the same day it was shot, without head, feet, stomach and intestines. The weight determines the price.

Please arrange in advance if you want to keep the liver and lungs. Bring your own container for liver & lungs.

Salting of skin: Free.

Let us know in advance if you would like to have the skin salted.

Carcass identification: Every hunter is responsible to mark his own carcasses, skins and horns.

Hunting vehicle: R 1 000 per day (1 - 6 hunters per vehicle)

Tracker: R200 / day

Hunting time: Sunrise to 1 hour before sunset.

No hunting on Sundays or Christian holidays.

Shooting distance: 100 meter to 225 meter with an average of 180 meter.

Fire wood: 1 bag per day - free

Additional wood is available @ R30 per bag.

A trailer of wood is available @ R500. (Arrange in advance.)


Chalet - R 300 per hunter and non-hunter
- R 550 per couple
- R200 per child 3 - 12 years
Camping - R150 per hunter and non-hunter
R100 per child 3 - 12 years
*Check in - from 13:00 am *Check out - 10:00 am
No noise after 10pm.
50% deposit of your accommodation confirms your booking, send proof of payment to: mabuabookings@gmail.com
Cancellations, or no show, forfeit 20% of the deposit.




Hunting rules:

1. Hunters and non-hunters enter these premises on own risk and no liability is accepted for loss, damage, illness, injury or any costs that may arise from it. All vehicles parked at own risk.
Right of admission reserved.
2. The person making the reservation is viewed as the person responsible for all the costs.
3. * No hunting license required for any hunter.
* We are open throughout the year for hunting.
4. Only licensed rifles with a minimum caliber of .222 are allowed.
5. No solid points.
6. No catapult slingshot, bow, crossbow, air gun or .22 rifles are allowed.
7. Blood, bone and stomach content as pointed out by the guide after a shot was fired will count as a deadly shot and will have to be paid for in full, whether the animal is found or not.
Wounded animal will be searched for 1 hour, and then the hunter and a tracker will search further for the animal.
8. Movement on the farm can only occur in the presence of authorised farm personnel.
9. Unauthorised hunting of any species, will be charged in full and a fine of R5 000 will be applicable per animal.
10. The determination of species, size and sex is the hunter’s responsibility,
Please make sure about the specie, sex and size, the price for a fully grown animal and juvenile is the same.
The guide is there for guidance and is not responsible for identification of species, sex, advice on shot placement or judgement on size or quality of species being hunted - that is the responsibility of the hunter.
The responsibility for what is being shot rests entirely on you who pull the trigger.
11. No hunting/skinning are allowed on Sundays or Christian holidays.
12. Hunter is responsible for his own meat processing, cutting and transport of trophies and skins.
13. No night hunting.
No night drives without the consent of the owner will be allowed, guns will be locked in a safe at night.
14. No alcohol is allowed during hunting sessions or on the hunting vehicle.
No hunter under the influence of liquor will be allowed to hunt.
15. Smokers please note the veld is very dry - High Veld Fire Hazard.
16. All hunters will have to prove the accuracy of rifles on the shooting range.
17. Rifles will be safe with no ammunition in ammunition chamber upon entry to the camp and hunting vehicle.
Hunters are required to handle rifles safely to prevent accidents.
18. Small game is limited to 2, and then 1 big game specie must be hunted before small game can be hunted again.
19. Springbuck that are being hunted, will in turn vary, 1 x male, 1 x female, 1 x male, 1 x female.
~ Applicable to biltong hunt only ~
20. If a trophy animal is mistakenly shot, you will pay the trophy price.
~ Applicable to biltong hunting ~
Hunting Ethics:
• Respecting and obeying all requests, instructions and legal demands made by the landowner.
• Dont chase / shoot birds, reptiles and animals.
• No littering.
• Treat all staff with respect.
• Never bribe a tracker if an animal was wounded.
“Ethical behaviour is doing the right thing when no one else is watching,
Even when doing the wrong thing is legal” - Aldo Leopold.

Reservations or Enquiries:

Fernando: 08 222 45 000 (RSA)
00 267 73 45 88 80 (BW)
Email: mabuabookings@gmail.com 


South Africa
+27 82 224 5000

+267 73 45 8880



+27 82 224 5000