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where you will experience the well-known Kalahari hospitality, beautiful landscapes with its rich and diverse wildlife and sunsets that will fulfill your inner soul.

Kalahari-hunting in partner with Mabua Bookings caters for your personal needs to ensure an unforgettable tailor made Kalahari experience whether youíre a seasoned hunter or a novice who needs guidance on you first hunt.

12 000 hectares gives hunters the opportunity to hunt Eland, Gemsbuck, Springbuck, Red Hartebeest and Blue Wildebeest which are the most popular to hunt.

And after a long day of hunting, unwind under an unpolluted night sky that is always changing, watch planets dance in the evening, with the sound of jackal and barking geckos in the distance.

Kalahari-hunting is an ethic hunting business where nothing will be hunted unless you can eat it.  No leopard, jackal, spotted cats, foxes or birds of prey will be hunted.
If a hunter cannot take the meat with him, it will be donated to a church, orphanage or old age home.

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The Kalahari Desert is a large semi -arid sandy savannah in Southern Africa.
One of the most interesting Kalahari Desert facts is that it is not a desert in the strictest sense of the word, as it receives too much rainfall - between 125 mm and 250 mm annually.

Temperatures vary drastically in the Kalahari, going below -5 on winter nights and reaching as high as 42+ degrees Celsius during summer days.
May, June and July

Best time for hunting.

August to middle September

Still cool but can be very windy and difficult to shoot a perfect shot.

October, November and December

Kalahari summers are incredibly hot with temperatures of 42+ degrees. Although the rains can be unpredictable, you can expect occasional afternoon thunderstorms and arid areas will become lush and green after a rainfall.


January, February and March

Full Rainy season with extreme temperature.

The Kalahari Desert is a large semi -arid sandy savannah in Southern Africa that is malaria free.
Itís mainly arid Savanna with no stone or rock in sight but red sand that will sneak into your shoes with every step?
Although it is easy to go around you will find open areas of about 500m sight to bushy patches where it is difficult to walk through.
Camelthorn trees, Shepherd tree with blackthorn bushes are our common big plants with tree thorn and candle flower to cover the convex landscape.


Kalahari-hunting has more than 16 species that roam around although we close some specie hunting for breeding perpersis or due to our advance booking requests. We have more than 16 species of Eland, Impala, Kudu,  Zebra, Blesbok, Waterbuck, Roan Antelope, Sable, Giraffe,   Springbok,   Gemsbok,   Steenbok,   Grey Duiker, Blue wildebeest,  Red Hartebeest,  Simitar,   Caramel Orex,   Warthog



Kalahari-hunting in partner with Mabua bookings are fully operate to help you with all your needs. From your flight tickets to your greatest moment in the bush, we will be there. Will it be a freezer room or a cold room, an ice machine to slotering house.  Accommodation for campers to chalets. Kalahari-hunting offer  you  a Hunting or photographic vehicles. Please feel  free to mail any request to us. Even if you want to hunt for 5 days and put your carcasses in the cold room to visit the Kgalagadi transfrontiÍr park for 3 day we will be there.
Kalahari hunting have a fully 600m shooting range for your rifle to ( sighted in ) shoot in or to adjusted.

Kalahari-hunting is 2 hours drive from Kuruman, our main town and 8 hours from Gauteng. Any foreign flights can be pick up at OR Tambo or light charters planes flight from Johannesburg to an airstrip not far from the hunting camp can be arranged.


Kalahari-hunting offers a fully catering kitchen with pots and pans with the necessary cutlery
What to pack extra

Warm clothes for the winter nights
Close shoes for the summer nights, especially when its windy.
Sun screen,
Eye drops
Moisturizing lotion,
Lip balm,
First aid kit,
Bug spray,
Bird and mammal books and a Star guide
Seed net for vehicle.


Visit Botswana - Camel rides and a visit to  Water wells.  Kgalagadi park / Mabuasehube.
Bring your passport and visit Tsabong  for quad bike and camel rides. Or  
Regional drive
Kuruman eye
Wonderwerk caves.
Kalahari Meerkat project.


Kalahari-hunting in partner with Mabua bookings can organised any holiday for you to Botswana with all your camping vouchers in hand. Please visit www.botswanabookings4u.com
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